A downloadable game for Windows

Your are on guard duty for the night. You need to shoot the zombie hands that are trying to come out from holes in the ground. But don't fall asleep!! 

Keep yourself awake by drinking all the coffee you can and blast them all away!

A game for the Pokitto Java Compo

How to play:

Press A to shoot 
Press B to take coffee cups from zombie hand
Press C to pause
When all bullets are used press you need to reload your weapon:
Press A in the right moment, to stop the bullet in the green center portion of the reload bar.
While reloading you can grab coffee too.

Frenzy mode:
Drink too much coffee make you go frenzy, when in frenzy mode you have unlimited bullets for a short time.
Trophy mode:
Hit the zombie head to trigger this mode. Scope of the sub game is to hit the trophy from one hand to another before the hand fall down.
Complete the sequence to collect a special bonus.

HomineLudens & Vampirics


EspressoShoot.bin 220 kB
EspressoShoot.pop 421 kB
EspressoShootSource.zip 2.7 MB
EspressoShoot -Windows.zip 1.5 MB