You're lost on a small asteroid in the middle of the space. Your small world.

You're trying to figure out a way to escape from this prison by collecting some precious resources and activating the Dome...

Made in 2.5 Day by 4 friends for #LD38.

First LDJAM ever, with no experience with the framework used... We'd fun!

- @miquik: Senior Code Developer: "Where's the problem?"

- @deck: Junior Code Developer / Pixel Artist : "Just 5 minutes to catch that bug, ok?"

- Roby: Music/Sound : "..." He said nothing and made some special track in a snap.

- @homineludens: Tools, Contours: "Do you know Ludum Dare?"


SpaceExitLeft_src 6 MB


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I love the mechanic.

hard time managing oxigen and fuel, tho.